Tanks is a game based on the classic turn-based experiences of tabletop miniature games and turn-based strategy video games - optimized for your mobile phone. Your goal is to beat your opponent by being the first to 20 City Points.


To win in Tanks, you need to capture 20 City Points before your opponent does. You gain 1 City Point at the end of your turn for every city that has one of your units on it.


Our game is split into turns - you take a turn, then your opponent takes a turn. So your opponent can take a day to figure out their moves, or you can go back and forth in seconds – it’s flexible! In your turn, you essentially make two sets of decisions: where to move your units and who to attack. You move your units by putting your finger on them and dragging them where you want to go - you'll see highlighted in green all the places you can move. You can't cross mountains, water or enemy units - but you can drive past squares with your own units. Note that you'll also go slower (and not as far) when traversing plains and forests versus using roads. On the plus side, forests and cities provide small armor bonuses for units on them.

Once you've put a unit in position, if it can attack an enemy you will see a line with a targeting reticle at the end of it.

You can move this by putting your finger on it, choosing where to attack, and releasing it. Some units can only "melee" - only attack units adjacent (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW) to it. Other units have "distance" attacks (and can't melee!) and generally have weapons with an area of effect - they can bomb out a whole set of units. Placing the targets wisely allows you to maximize the dispersal of pain you administer! After you've moved your units and coordinated their attacks, you press Play and your attacks are brought down on your enemy! It's now your opponents turn.

Units & Power Ups

We have a number of units for you to play with, with different strengths and capabilities. Typically, units can vary in how strong they are vs. different kinds of armor and how far they can move. So there are faster units that have weaker attacks, and stronger but slower units. Picking the right set for the situation is a key part of the strategy you bring to the battle. You buy new units through the Buy button at the bottom of the screen. Depending on how much money you have, you can get cheaper units (which tend to be weaker, but faster) and more expensive units.

You can also buy Power Ups. Some are immediately applied to your game and can do things like heal your units, or give you a speed boost, while others take effect at the end of your turn or during your opponent’s turn! These are a ton of fun and can help you out in a real jam. Different power ups have different costs, but one constant is that you can only use a power up every 3 turns. So choose wisely – you may find yourself itching to have a power up on hand and having to wait for a later turn!


And where do you get that money to buy stuff? We start you with with some money, and get more every round. You can also earn money for occupying cities and even get paid for blowing up the enemy (I know - like we had to incent you!). Finally, there’s an even a unit you can build that earns you money – the Supply Truck. Every round, tap on your Supply Trucks to collect the money they’ve brought you.


Our menus are mostly self-explanatory, but the most important one is "Play" - this brings you to the list of games you have going on, tells you what you currently can play (and who you are waiting on to play their turns) as well as create new games. You can create a new game and pick a map and either challenge a friend or get matched up against another Tanks player – somewhere else in the world!